Biological computing

A new breed of computer chip

Live biological neurons integrated with traditional silicon computing

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3D render of a Brain Chip
Cortical Labs

Cortical Labs is building a new generation of biological computer chips. We're a new biotech startup backed by Blackbird Ventures, based in Melbourne, Australia.

Cortical Labs is actively seeking collaboration and partnerships.

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Why biological computing?

Our vision

"What if you had a computer chip that could self-organise and restructure itself to best solve a problem?"

Letter from the founders
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Spike visualisor showing real-time neural network activations

Perfusion circuit

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We're developing techniques to stimulate and cultivate neuron growth for computation.

Our team

Hon Weng Chong, MD


Hon is an experienced startup founder with an entrepreneurial spirit grounded in medical and technical expertise. Previously he was founder and CTO of CliniCloud, a medical hardware startup with rave reviews from clinicians.

A licensed medical doctor and software engineer who studied at Johns Hopkins Department of Informatics, he leverages his extensive experience and multi-disciplinary background to foster collaboration between the fields of biology and computer science.


Andy Kitchen


A computer scientist, researcher and software engineer whose work history includes on-the-ground experience at three high-tech startups. Andy also spearheaded the first technical team providing Deep Learning consultancy in Melbourne.

Andy has published several peer-reviewed papers on artificial intelligence. He’s a long-time community organizer and founder of the highly respected Melbourne ML/AI Meetup, which has with over 6,000 members.


Andrew Doherty


Brett Kagan PhD


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